Asuka & Kazu

What a fun, loving couple!  Asuka & Kazu found me through a mutual friend out here!  They just just recently got married in Japan and came to Hawaii for their honeymoon!  Asuka really wanted a “photo tour”-esque album prior to their wedding – but because it didn’t work out, I was able to help them…


Japan 2016

Aloha! I was lucky enough to visit Japan twice this year!  The first time was only for 6 days earlier this year, but was still an awesome trip.  My wife became a full-time stay-at-home mom and took some time off to go to Japan to celebrate.  That was kind of an unplanned trip and spur…


Taiwan for Rob & Cindy’s Wedding

My good friend Rob recently flew me out to Taiwan to be a part of his wedding!  I was honored to be able to shoot his wedding and spend time with his family out in Taipei!  I didn’t know what to expect visiting Taiwan, but the experience was amazing!  I would recommend anyone go! I…


Tako & Ayu!!

Takuya & Ayu love Hawaii!!! They asked me to do a pre-wedding photo tour to show-off at their big wedding in Japan!